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NEAT stands for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. It encompasses all the energy we expend for everything we do in our daily lives that isn’t sleeping, eating, or sports-like exercise. This includes activities like walking, gardening, cleaning, and even fidgeting. NEAT plays a significant role in our overall energy expenditure and can have a substantial impact on […]

The importance of NEAT

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This might seem like a complicated question, but are you supporting your hormones as you age? My guess is you immediately start thinking about estrogen, progesterone, your moods, etc. Am I right? Yes, those are all hormone related. However, hormones are much more complicated than that and play a role in a lot more of […]

Supporting Hormones as you Age

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We live in a world today where being healthy can be pricey. It is unfortunate, but it is the reality of the world we live in. There are more and more things in our environment affecting our health, causing us to either be unhealthy or have to spend and do more to be healthy.  As […]

Eating Healthy on a Budget

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Sugar is something we as Americans over consume on a daily basis, not just the holidays. Sugar is in almost all processed foods, including a lot of condiments. So, even when you think you are not eating sugar, you may be having more than you would expect. Some common condiments that have sugar hidden in […]

Sugar, Sugar

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I want to talk about something that does not get a lot of attention, and that is stretching. If you are anything like me, stretching can seem like such a daunting task. I am usually in a hurry to rush into a workout and rush out after. It is just something that is easy to […]


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Did you know that your gut is at the foundation of your health? Without a healthy gut, we cannot reach our optimal health. The gut is responsible for absorbing the nutrients we consume, immune system support, proper digestion, managing inflammation, disease prevention, and even mental health! I will dive more into these in a couple […]

Gut Health


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